First Annual International Conference on Religion, Culture, and Peace: “From Weakness to Strength”

Call for Proposals

The Department of Peacebuilding, and the Institute for Religion, Culture, and Peace will be conducting a seminar “From Weakness to Strength” April 28-29, 2022. Call for Proposals and Free Registration
First International Annual Seminar on Religion, Culture, and Peacebuilding
Theme: From Weakness to Strength
Department of Peacebuilding
Faculty of Humanities and Communication Arts
Payap University
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Accepted papers will be published in the electronic Proceedings
Proposal Deadline: February 15, 2022
Paper Deadline: March 22, 2022.
International Seminar: April 28-29, 2022
Submit Proposals by February 15, 2022 at

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