One-Year Independent Peace Research Certificate Program

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Who can participate:

Traditionally doing peace research has appeared exclusive to graduate students and scholars of this field or to those researchers who are able to obtain research grants for doing this type of research at some graduate institutions. This practice has limited the opportunity for peace research and eventually the opportunity to building peace in the world because only a small number of people can participate. Therefore, this program is designed to benefit the following groups of people: (1) University instructors inside and outside the country, who want to be away from their work in order to focus on their research, writing, and publications; (2) Doctoral graduate students who need new research and publications in order to pursue the academic career; (3) Independent researchers who want to try peace research and need guidance from scholars of this field; (3) Community members who want to do peace research and publication and are willing to learn from the scratch.


(1) access to peace studies resources and learning facilities at Payap University; (2) receiving needed supervision from faculty who have expertise and research experience in the field; (3) research work receives proper academic evaluation of experts in the field; (4) opportunities for interacting and mutual exchange with students and faculty of the PhD program in Peacebuilding; (5) opportunities for participating in project activities, workshops, and conferences organized by the department; (6) having a peaceful environment for reflection, writing, and enjoying life in Chiang Mai; and (7) one-year visa.

Process and evaluation:

Once a student is accepted into the program, the student will be assigned an advisor to work with his or her research until the research program ends. The student has to defend the proposal and the research report and get them approved by a committee of 3 experts before the research program ends. The student is required to present part of his or her research at an academic conference. If a student meets these requirements, he or she will be awarded with an Independent Peace Research Certificate. The program timeline is not extended. An alumnus of the program can join the program again in another year under a new research project. 


Bachelor’s degree and English fluency

Tuition & Application period:

60,000 Thai baht for one year program. Application is accepted any time of the year except June and July. Once the student enrolls in the program, the one-year program will be counted from the enrollment date.Core Faculty Members

To Apply, please Contact Us. Thank you.

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