SE Asian Studies

Semester Program in Southeast Asian Studies

Approaching ASEAN: Doorways to Thailand and Southeast Asia: Semester Study

Southeast Asian Studies Center

IRCP offers a semester study option in the Southeast Asian Studies program. Like the US, this program starts in August and January each year and students take up to 15 transferable credits. Each student will have the opportunity to dive deep into Thai and Southeast Asian history, economics, arts, language, and culture. Students will go to Mae Kam Pong Village for a homestay, spending days and nights walking and working with those who live in the village as they learn about cultural life there. Students will learn Thai history firsthand as they travel to the ancient city of Sukhothai. Intensive Thai language will start the first week and will be helped by living with a Thai roommate on campus or Thai host family. The program schedule, course listings, and more information can be found here: Southeast Asian Studies Semester.

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Short Courses in Southeast Asian Studies

A core value of the Institute of Religion, Culture and Peace is helping to enrich the cultural understanding and capacity of those living in and visiting Chiang Mai. To grow that capacity, IRCP hosts regular events and short courses that approach multiple areas of understanding. There are regular courses that follow a fixed schedule throughout the year. Others follow a custom approach where we wrap the content of the course around the needs of the group who attends.

Approaching ASEAN: Doorways to Thailand and Southeast Asia: Short Program

For groups who are new to Thailand or Southeast Asia, the Institute offers Approaching ASEAN, a 1 – 2 week study and cultural exchange program. This is a great introduction to this part of the world. Included are special lectures such as Thai Culture and History, Introduction to ASEAN – Economics and Culture of Southeast Asia, Comparative Religion Studies of Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, and much more! Along with the lectures, participants will have the opportunity to experience and understand Thai culture as they spend time exploring Chiang Mai and nearby villages as well as visiting many important cultural heritage sites. This is a great opportunity for high school or university students who are interested in learning more about SE Asia during a jterm or other break. It is open to participants of all age groups, without the need to be actively enrolled in a degree program. It can serve as an excellent orientation to groups coming to SE Asia on short-term service journeys. The program schedule, lecture topics, and more information can be found here: Southeast Asian Studies Short Programs.

NGO Professional Training and Educational Workshops

Chiang Mai is home to many different NGO’s, charities, and other organizations that are seeking to address social issues in Thailand and Asia. It is a crossroads for many individuals from the region. Beginning in 2016, IRCP will offer opportunities for those who could benefit from building cultural competency and hands on skills in their organizations. There will be regular workshops and trainings across a range topics from community development and human resources, to health, human trafficking, and migration issues, just to name a few. Stay tuned for more information to come about these opportunities.

The first workshop is scheduled for spring 2016.


Neighboring in Muslim Southeast Asia

This course seeks not only to inform young people about how to engage in Muslim Southeast Asia, but to form neighbors with well prepared hearts, heads, and hands. It seeks to fill a number of gaps identified by tertiary institutions with insufficient numbers of faculty qualified (both academically and through experience) to ensure that students are capable of confidently and constructively contribute in today’s multi-religious world. More information can be found at

Scheduled for June 2016, more details will be available soon.