About Us

The Story of IRCP

The Institute of Religion, Culture and Peace IRCP-sign-sm(formerly called the Institute for the Study of Religion and Culture) was established at Payap University in 1996. We seek peaceful dialogue and eventually peace across religious and cultural boundaries, and do so from he perspective of academics and practice.  The leaders of the Institute saw the need for Payap to build a home for academic research and training and the Institute was established.

Vision and Goals

The Institute’s primary goals are to foster increased mutual appreciation and cooperation among the world’s different religious communities, thus contributing to greater inter-religious and intra-religious understanding among all people everywhere, and to undertake and develop new ways to carry out peacemaking and peacebuilding efforts in Thailand, the ASEAN region, and throughout the world.

The Institute employs various opportunities to reach these goals. There are regular seminars and lectures that offer roadmaps on the journey of understanding. There are cultural training courses lasting as short as 1-2 weeks, semester study programs, and in partnership with the International College at Payap, a PhD in Peace Studies.

The Institute is located on Payap University’s main campus (map) which is situated just east of downtown Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second largest city and the main cultural center of the northern region.