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Institute of Religion, Culture & Peace

The Institute of Religion, Culture and Peace is located at Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It supports the PhD in Peace Studies program as well as regular events geared toward reaching understanding across cultural and religious lines through interfaith transformational dialogue. Below is information about events that we have hosted as well as upcoming events.

News and Events

  • Crossing Cultures at IRCP -   – At IRCP, we strive to build environments where different cultures come together and learn from one another. This week, IRCP and Southeast Asian Studies hosted a group of students that came from Kwansei Gakuin University to learn about ASEAN and Thai culture and share Japanese culture with Thai students and faculty from Payap. Continue reading
  • Identity and Peace Workshop - IRCP will host another Peace event next Wednesday, October 28! We’ll meet in PC 216 at 3:30pm. More details on the IRCP calendar. Also, head over to the IRCP Facebook Page and hit the like button to keep up to date on future events!
  • International Peace Day – Part 2 - IRCP and PYU Host Peace Day Workshop While International Peace Day was on Monday, September 21st, IRCP had the opportunity to host a second event on Thursday the 24th for students at Payap University in the International College. Students taking Truth and Service with Aj Elizabeth and students taking English Language Speaking and Listening with Aj Continue reading
  • International Peace Day – Part 1 - IRCP and PYU Host Inaugural International Peace Day Celebration The UN celebrates International Peace Day on the 21st of September each year. This is largely due to the work of the organization Peace One Day and its founder, Jeremy Gilley. The IRCP hosted a film screening of a documentary about the life and work of Gilley and Continue reading


Resources for Peace Studies

Below are some resources that will help you deepen your knowledge and understanding of peace and how to pursue it.

.         Peacemakers Trust
.         University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Peace Studies
          Peace Resources Project
          Eastern Mennonite University Peace Studies
          Association for Conflict Resolution 
          Global Nonviolent Action Database
          Scarboro Missions Interfaith Dialogue
          International Peace Research Association Foundation
          Conflict Resolution Information Source
          Peace Justice Studies
          Peace One Day